Laura + David – Engaged! (Bedford Engagement Shoot)

Yesterday I went to see Laura and David deep in the Suffolk countryside for their engagement shoot. They chose to keep things really simple by having their photos taken on the loop around their village where they walk their dog Ruby. Not only because it was scenic but because it pretty much guaranteed we wouldn’t bump into anyone else! – And we didn’t!

As a dog owner myself I’m always aware of just how much of an important member of the family they are, so Ruby got just as much attention as Laura and David (maybe more?!). She even escaped for a while and had a frolic in the cornfield, so I’m pretty certain she had a great time! I can’t wait to see her at the wedding in September too.

Laura and David also both settled in well to their shoot after some initial nerves (like all my couples!). So I know things will be easy on the wedding day now!

Here’s a few of my favourites…













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