Choosing your getting ready venue.

So amidst the thousands of decisions you make as you plan your wedding day, one that you don’t want to overlook is you getting ready venue for the morning of the big day. Whether it’s a budgetary concern (can you afford to splash out on a grand suite just for the morning?) or a case of location, location, location, there are pros and cons to every option when choosing your getting ready venue.

Getting ready at home/parent’s house.

If you get ready a family home or indeed your own, then you have the luxury of all your creature comforts close to hand. Perhaps you have a last minute change of heart on that lipstick, or your shoes are suddenly rubbing and you’re in desperate need of a plaster. Preparing for your wedding at home gives you everything you need within arms reach. There’s no fear or laddering your stockings 5 minutes to the off and realising you forgot to pack a spare. Along with the convenience you also get to relax the evening before, without a panic stricken packing frenzy, let’s face it, your wedding day is not exactly something you will be packing light for!

Another bonus is the sentimental side of starting the first day of the rest of you life in your childhood home. Whether this is the home you grew up in  as a child, or the first home you shared with your intended, being surrounded by happy memories can be a real relaxing start to your day. There’s also the opportunity to incorporate special items into your photographs. Whether it’s a special photograph, a favourite book or a significant CD, being able to snap your shoes or wedding earrings alongside this precious momentos is a lovely way to capture the link between your old life and you new one.

Take a look at some of these photographs where the getting ready venue was at home or at the house of parents. Some lovely homely touches that add a truly personal touch to the wedding morning pictures. Being waved off by neighbours (if you know them) can be a great start to your journey. Just bear in mind that things can get a bit crowded if you have a large bridal party and if you have pets beware muddy paws from excitable pooches and the like!

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Getting ready at a hotel or the ceremony venue. 


Perhaps however, the idea of a special location just for the morning appeals. The chance to luxuriate in a grand suite or know that you are literally on the doorstep of your wedding venue can help give peace of mind. Staying in a hotel room or bridal suite prepared specifically for this purpose can give you some amazing backdrops that add a real touch of glamour or character to your wedding morning. Bridal suites in particular will usually have great mirrors to help you prepare and likewise afford some stunning shots. If you’re lucky you might get a chaise lounge or four poster bed to pose by, creating some stunning visuals as you prepare on your big day. Another benefit is the extra space, allowing you and your bridesmaids more room to take advantage of when getting ready.

Some people love the idea of being close by to their venue, knowing they have no travelling time to deduct from their morning preparations. On the other hand consider that you might miss out on a journey in a vintage car or horse and cart. Another consideration is whether or not you’re happy to be centre of attention. It’s all very well being admired by your friends and family as you walk down the aisle, but how do you feel about a hotel of strangers staring at you as you leave your hotel room? If you are happy to be the belle of the ball than enjoy the attention. These photos below show you how you can get some really beautiful photos which just can’t be paralleled in your own home (unless you live in Buckingham Palace!).

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Wherever you choose to get ready, there are always some things that you can consider that will really improve your photographs notably this will always be by choosing a large room to get dressed in with lots of natural light. Natural light will always be your friend on a wedding day. It’s where your make-up artist will sit you nearest to to ensure you will look incredible all day, and it is the most forgiving of all light sources!


3 Things you should consider


  • Try to keep the room tidy (this is near on impossible, and I will move things around for clutter free images as best as I can!)
  • Limit how many people get ready with you (chaos ensues as soon as there are too many people getting ready at the same time!)
  • Ask your bridesmaids and parents to get dressed before you do. (This will mean you’ll all be ready after your dress goes on so we can get photos of you all together.)

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