Catrin + Rich – Engaged! (Woodbridge Engagement Shoot)

It was so nice setting off for Catrin and Rich’s engagement shoot and finally seeing a blue sky and the sun! They have most definitely kicked of the summer for me and it was lovely to stroll in the sunshine with them.

They chose Woodbridge for their engagement shoot as it was where Rich popped the question. Like the day we had chosen for their engagement shoot, there were lots of people around enjoying the views and weather which led to Rich taking Catrin on a much longer walk than he planned whilst he tried to find a quiet spot to finally ask her the question!

Eventually he found a bench overlooking the river away from too many prying eyes. So… we set out to find that bench, and although they can’t be perfectly sure, we think its the same one!

These two soon relaxed into their shoot, and there are so many happy smiley photos that I struggled to narrow them down for the blog post today! Here’s a few of my favourites….



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