Now that my wedding day is drawing ever closer, I’m going to start sharing some of the planning with you! It feels like we’ve been planning away for this one day forever now, and suddenly we’re just under three months from the main event. Today, I wanted to share my wedding invitations with you. Firstly […]

After we got engaged, had bought the ring and settled down from all the celebrations, we finally had time to stop and really think about how our wedding day would look. After lots of questions during the celebrations of where, when and how we knew we had A LOT of thinking to do! I started […]

I always task myself with taking photos on a wedding day that the couple may never had asked for. I do this mainly for prosperity’s sake and because I just know they’ll be appreciated after the event, and most likely the thought of the photo didn’t cross the couples mind until maybe after the day […]

  I’ve ummed and arred for ages about writing this post. Firstly because I don’t want to come off as a really sad lonely person and also because I realise there are bigger things in life to worry about! But, I’m going to take a punt that there are SO many other people out there […]

So amidst the thousands of decisions you make as you plan your wedding day, one that you don’t want to overlook is you getting ready venue for the morning of the big day. Whether it’s a budgetary concern (can you afford to splash out on a grand suite just for the morning?) or a case […]

  Once you have booked me to photograph your wedding, there isn’t much you need to do until the day itself arrives. I’m a bit of an over-organised weirdo when it comes to the weddings I shoot, so you know you’re in safe hands. However around the 2-3 month mark before your wedding there are […]

Today I wanted to give you all an overview into the timings of a typical wedding day. Now I know that not all weddings may follow this same format, but its a good starting point if you are struggling to work out how long you’ll need to get ready or when to tell your evening guests […]

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