It’s been a long time coming but I’m so excited to now have a dedicated office space to work from. Since starting my business I’ve always worked out of a spare bedroom, and whilst it was lovely to able to close the door on work after a long day, I often felt I was less […]

When December rolls around I know its time to start pulling this blog post together and I always have so much fun looking back at the ‘out-takes’ that my second shooters and I capture throughout the year. We often stand in position so one of us can test the light, see what a location looks […]

  You may have noticed that last week, along with Katie Drouet I launched a podcast! This was a result of a random idea I had about a month and a half ago, and I was so excited when Katie said she wanted to join me. I’m a self confessed podcast addict, and whilst listening […]

  With the launch of my new website and branding I knew that I also wanted to take my business in a totally new direction. For a long time I had felt disconnected from Kerrie Mitchell Photography, and felt that I had changed completely from when I started the business back in 2010. This led […]

  Every year I send out my couples a little gift to say thank you for booking their photography with me. It’s something I love doing, and even more than that I love the challenge of coming up with something new for each year too. I set myself two rules when deciding what to send […]

A while back this year I was contacted by a few photographers asking for advice on different areas of running a photography business. Before this, teaching or training never even entered my mind! In fact so often I still feel like I’m figuring it all out and that I’m still new to this industry. However […]

So yet another month has passed us by, with the month that was February having come and gone as quickly as new year resolutions. Looking back over the last month I can’t believe how much I’ve managed to cram in! For a short month, February has certainly been a fun filled one. I started the […]

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