Carrie-Anne + John – Engaged! (Wrabness Woods Engagement Shoot)

Yesterday was my first shoot back for 2017 and I don’t think they could have been a more perfect couple to have started with. Caz and John have been together for 14 years, have two beautiful daughters and a handsome Beagle and have decided to tie the knot at Woodhall Manor this year.

When we met at the woods in Wrabness the sun was streaming through the branches, it was actually warm enough to not wear a coat And it was seriously muddy!!

However, the mud did not put anyone off! Even when we went off track, got slightly lost(which is hard to do at Wrabness, seeing as its a circular route!) and ended up in a total quagmire of mud! What is obvious though is that these four (and Dougie) are so fun to be around, I know my faced ached as I got back in the car after all the laughing! They are all so excited for the big day and following just this hour together I already know the photos on the wedding day will be an absolute blast to take. Roll on April!

Here’s a few of my favourites from our time together yesterday…



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